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Korean Teacher: Han-Na Kim (κΉ€ν•œλ‚˜)

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Kpop College is an online non-accredited university. We are still in Phase I of our launch building our base around the globe at first. Once we secure enough investors it's our goal to pursue Phase II where we will construct a college campus on land for our students. But for now, just enjoy our online campus, meet new friends, have fun, learn about talented Kpop artists, learn Korean, dancing, singing and even about Science! 

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Kpop College Student cover competition 

Cast your vote for the Best Kpop Cover Performance! Who will advance to Round # 2, how long can they maintain their lead for the Best Cover Performance. Post your covers here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to cast your vote for the best performance!

Individual Dance Cover Competition - Round # 1

Christa Lei - "Troubled"

Sonyiyori - "Very Very Very"

Small Team Dance Cover Competition - Round # 1

NYMIA - "All I Wanna Do"

Aish Crew - BTS & Black Pink

Large Team Dance Cover Competition - Round #1

KrazyHK - "Bing Bing"

Max Imperium - "Chase Me"

Voice Cover Competition - Round #1

Lia Jung (10K) - "Never Ever"

Cast your Votes Now

Cast your vote for each of the 4 categories below by clicking on the photo. The winner will stay to advance to the next round and another cover will be replaced for the next round. How long can the winner of each category stay at the top for the world's best cover performance? Who will get knocked out of the competition, can they return to reclaim that category with a newer more refined cover? Let's see, cast your votes now!! 

Join in on our Kpop College Student Cover Performance Competition discussions and leave your comments.

Round # 1 - 07/15/17 to 07/31/17